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How To Make More Profit With Your

"The ultimate guide to understanding and
improving your operational efficiencies"

Written by Jeff Smith


Due to the rush in technical advancement in the Bodyshop Industry, the publication of this book has been delayed. The delay is because we do not think it is ethical to publish a book without due consideration of the latest wave of technology and it's impact upon operational performance.


How to make more profit with your BodyshopDiscover the trade secrets of how to get more profit out of your Bodyshop.

This ground-breaking new book is packed with tried, tested and proven ideas to make you more money, more easily and more often.

If you are the kind of person who likes to take action and enjoys making profit, this exciting new book is for you. All the very best profit-building techniques have been harnessed from the best Bodyshops around the world and put into a format that is easy to understand and impliment into your business.

Now you can get straight onto the fast-track by getting the ideas that have been tried by other people that have been proven to work in the real world.

Whether you are new to your position or well established in the field of Bodyshop Management you will find something here that will lift your business up to the next level. It really is the ultimate guide to understanding and improving your operational efficiencies.

Never before has such an in-depth study of the operational performance of the Bodyshop been conducted. It's a no-holds-barred, beginning-to-end dissection of your operational efficiencies packed full with information on how you can sell more hours and and boost your profits by showing you tried and tested methods that really work.

Until now, the knowledge you need to understand the Bodyshop has been very difficult to obtain, the general rule is that you learn your trade as you are doing the job and that takes many years to perfect and hundreds of costly mistakes are made along the way. Now there is a short-cut to this trial and error method of working because whether you are an experienced Bodyshop Manager, Dealer Principal or Managing Director, this book tells you what you need to know in the order you need to know it.


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